An english story
Updated: 2/1/2021
An english story

Storyboard Text

  • A long time ago there was a prince who wanted to become king, it had been his dream since he was a little child, but there was a problem that wouldn’t let him do what he wanted. The place he was going to govern was a British country, but he was raised speaking French; so he needed to know how to speak English and some facts about the language. Now you may be wondering why he hadn’t learned English since his childhood, and that is because he didn’t like the language at all. 
  • One day, while the prince was walking through the streets of the kingdom he heard how a boy spoke passionately in a language that he did not know, the fascinated prince approached the boy and asked him what language he was speaking in, the boy very excited to be talking to the prince responded quickly, with a very marked accent, that he was speaking english. The prince was surprised, and at that moment an idea passed through his head, he could ask the boy for help so that he teaches him how to speak and write the english language and its history.
  • The prince got even more curious and interested about the language and to know more about it, so he asked the little and smart boy to tell them more things and give him more information. The boy told him that this really interesting language is spoken by those who were educated in literature, philosophy and poetry, much like French was back when it was the most widely spoken language. He also told him that by the late 28th century, the British Empire had spread English through its colonies and its geopolitical dominance. It also facilitated international communication around the world.