Defense Mechanism Comic Strip
Updated: 3/8/2021
Defense Mechanism Comic Strip

Storyboard Description

5 of Freud's Defense Mechanism by Sarthak Nath

Storyboard Text

  • Freud's Defense Mechanism
  • Displacement
  • Ugh! That argument with my ex was so annoying!
  • Reaction Formation
  • S-Stupid! I don't like you at all! In fact, I hate you!!!
  • by Sarthak Nath
  • Denial
  • I-I didn't do it! That couldn't have been me! There is no way I would have ever broken someone's windows!
  • What the heck!
  • It is commonly used to vent anger and frustration! Like the person here, you satisfy an impulse by displacing/transferring it onto another substitute.
  • Projection
  • You're cheating on me aren't you?!? We can't be in a relationship like this!
  • Like the girl pictured here, this defense mechanism is used when an unacceptable impulse (the girl being in love with the boy) is switched into the opposite (strong rejection of that idea)
  • Rationalization
  • Well...I suppose one cake won't hurt my health. It doesn't have that many calories anyways since it was bought from the healthy store. I can always exercise later!
  • Used often when facing painful realities, the individual will refuse to believe or perceive the threatening fact
  • As seen in this scenario, projection is when threatening impulses are attributed to others. A person, often unconsciously, can blame another in order to reduce their self-harming guilt
  • W-W-Wait! I swear I would never do that. Why do you come to such conclusions?