Life in islamic world
Updated: 11/30/2020
Life in islamic world

Storyboard Text

  • Why were Mulism traders succesful?
  • here are some coins to help your trading and buy thing to trade!
  • Thank you so much!
  • Lets go to shopping at the Bazzar!
  • Muslim cites and farms
  • Ok!
  • its hard farming because of the dry climate and the little water we get!!
  • How was the Muslims society organized?
  • Im upper class because im powerful and rich!!!!!\
  • Im lower class because im not mean and rich!
  • Muslims spread there religion and they spoke Arabic language there for this became the language of business and trade. Muslims provided trader with coins for so they can buy and sell it. it was easier to trade to and many other things to.
  • Science and Mathematics
  • Mamun
  • hmm i wonder if the Moon effects the tide waves? i will test it out!
  • Cites for Muslims had places for trading, Education schools, government, culture, Bazaar and they had the main buildings that were Mosques. despite the city most people lived in the country like on farms and they had a dry climate and that made it hard to farm because they relied on water.
  • Medicine
  • Wait so your telling me that blood gose to your heart!?
  • Muslims people were divided into social groups based on power and there money. Men were dominated over the omen and in charge of government, society and business while Women was in charge of the house hold
  • literature
  • The Thousand and one Nights.
  • Mamun was the first one to discover about science and math hes studies helped Mathematical problems and founded that the moon controls the tide waves and many more his research. a Muslims named Al-Khawarizmi invented algebra
  • what do you think the moon dose Mamun?
  • Arab doctors had found blood circulates to and from the heart. They also found out about diseases and how to cure them. Muslims created medicine schools and other school like that. they also made books about there discoveries.
  • yes that is correct!
  • Muslims created non-religious literature like One they made is called The thousand and One nights. there tales include India, perisa and many more. One person wrote Omar Khayyam and people say he wrote the best poem.