Act one scene one
Updated: 2/10/2021
Act one scene one

Storyboard Text

  • I'm a carpenter, sir.
  • Get out of here! You aren't supposed to work on a holiday! What's your job?
  • What about you? What's your occupation?
  • I'm a mere cobbler. I am a mender of worn soles.
  • Why are you leading these men through the streets?
  • Well, to wear out their shoes and get myself more work. We took the day off to see Caesar, sir, andcelebrate his triumph.
  • Go countrymen, and to make up for having done wrong, gather up all the poor men, and lead themto the Tiber.
  • You go down toward theCapitol, and I’ll go this way. Undress the statues if they’redecorated in honor of Caesar.
  • Can we do that? You know it’s the feast of Lupercal.
  • I don't care! Make sure that none of the statues aredecorated in tribute to Caesar. I’ll walk around and force the commoners off the streets. You do the same, wherever thecrowds are thick.