Julius Caesar Act IV

Updated: 5/19/2020
Julius Caesar Act IV

Storyboard Text

  • Mark Antony, Lepidus, and Octavius decide who shall die.
  • Upon conditionPublius shall not live,Who is your sister's son, Mark Antony.
  • But he's a tried and valiant soldier.
  • Antony and Octavius discuss whether Lepidus is fit for ruling.
  • So is my horse, Octavius.
  • How he received you, let me be resolved
  • Brutus asks Lucilius how Cassius treated him.
  • With courtesy and respect enough, but not with such familiar instances.
  • Thou hast described a hot friend cooling. When love begins to sicken and decay, it useth an enforced ceremony.
  • Brutus tells of how Cassius' friendship and love fades, and how he will not be there when needed.
  • Most noble brother, you have done me wrong.
  • Cassius accuses Brutus of condemning a man for bribery.
  • How should I wrong a brother?
  • Cassius and Brutus have apologized to each other and are now drinking wine.