Updated: 1/31/2021

Storyboard Description

Social Studies assignment that is due on Tuesday of next week!

Storyboard Text

  • Oh no. Those to cars went to fast and crashed
  • You won't belive what I saw. A massive car crash at the park.
  • Well why don't you write a letter to our congress man and tell him what happened. He could help pass a law that would stop that
  • Yeah. But I don't get how that could work.
  • A bill is just an idea until it is taken to the house of repersentaives.
  • First, after is proposed by a repersentative, it is taken to a commitee that revises the bill. Then it is taken to a subcommitee who then again revise the revisions
  • Next, the bill goes to the house floor where it is considered and then voted on, if it passed the vote it heads to the senate
  • After being processed by the senate, the bill could be vetoed, or sent back, to the House if the President chose to do that.
  • I am going to veto this bill.
  • All I asked for was how it worked. Not a lesson on US History... Come on Joey, lets get outta here.
  • In the end, the President, House, and Senate, have to approve the bill for it to become a law