Updated: 12/20/2019
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  • Where-wolf
  • Why do you always leave me?
  • Well, because I'm a were-wolf and I.....
  • Scardy-wolf
  • Ok lets get married <3
  • In conclusion: please steal his clothes for me thank you <3
  • Who Nose?
  • The wife asks why her husband (Bisclavaret, the Were-Wolf) leaves and what he does when he leaves. She also adds on that he makes her sad when she leaves. The husband tells the wife about his secret, and the wife says you can tell anything to me.
  • Storytime
  • What happened for the were wolf to bite off your nose?
  • The wife gets scared and decides to tell the knight everything about Bisclavaret the Were-Wolf and gets the knight to steal the Were-Wolf's clothes so he cant be a human again.
  • Were-Human?
  • The king and the werewolf decided to planned a party. The (ex-)wife came to the event that they planned. Mr. Werewolf got angry and decided to bite off the (ex-)wife's nose.
  • The End
  • Gifts for you!
  • And you...leave and never come back here ever again.
  • The king placed the wife into another secure place and then started questioning them. The wife broke and spoke about her husband and how betrayed she felt when he kept leaving her.
  • Well... my lord was...
  • The king heard of the story, and decided to leave the wolf upstairs in his secret bedroom to see if he'd become human again. The werewolf became a human again and The King ran and hugged him.
  • In the end, Bisclavaret was given many gifts and the (ex-)wive was banished from the realm and never seen again.
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