Summative Eng Project
Updated: 12/10/2020
Summative Eng Project

Storyboard Text

  • KILL HER!!!!
  • She is has committed adultery and shall pay for her heinous CRIME
  • poor thang
  • That's a bit harsh
  • KILL HER!!!
  • Settle down yall, we can't kill her sadly. But we can publicly humiliate her
  • I will not let this letter define who I am
  • You shall wear the letter A for the rest of eternity showing everyone the crime you have commited!!
  • 1 Week Later
  • Oh NO it's her LOOK AWAY LOOK AWAY
  • AAAHHH what shall I do
  • Oh God I must ignore this woman..... 
  • Everyone is rejecting me because of this letter. I should do something for them so they can accept me. I must be a good mother too.
  • More Weeks Later
  • The sake of the gold thread you silly.
  • Mommy why do you were that letter?
  • *gasp*
  • OH MY
  • It can't be
  • Dimmesdale?!
  • I am *cough* the father *cough*
  • Gurl I told you!!
  • Even More Weeks Later
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