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Updated: 2/22/2021
Unknown Story

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  • It's so nice just me and you.
  • It's a brief through about everyone life in this movie so stay tuned for part 2.
  • I know right.
  • For part 2 will be talking about the everyone's life 1 at a time.
  • And then Cinderella turn into a princess.
  • Woha
  • 1st we will talk about the kids
  • Ugh I hate this job.
  • Yes sir
  • Can you also clean over here.
  • Ok do it fast.
  • Then the married couple.The dating couple.
  • It's so great to spend time together.
  • YA by the way I like this movie.
  • The dad / the mom
  • She is so pretty. Ugh I hate Mr. Patrick.
  • Yes ma'am
  • Get the bag here!
  • OK
  • And the teenager's life.
  • I would love to!
  • Can you go to Eva's house later?
  • Wanna go on a date tonight?
  • Sure we can my dad will be in this room my mom would be shopping my sister will be in the other part of the house watching TV with her husband and my other sister will be on a date with her BF.
  • Oh the nanny is babysitting them
  • Cool
  • OK what about the kids?