SSR 2nd book story board
Updated: 12/2/2020
SSR 2nd book story board

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  • Holden Caulfield is finally getting kicked out of his college called Pencey. He thinks everyone there is a phony and he is flunking all of his classes except english. He is supposed to leave the school on Wednesday.
  • Holden gets in a fight with his roommate for nothing. He fights his roommate Stradlater and decides to go to back to his home early. He remembers his parents will kill him if they find out he was expelled again so he decides to hang out in New York for a couple days.
  • Holden arrives in New York City and walks around the town. He goes to multiple clubs and bars although underage and sulks around. Holden complains about how everyone is a phony and everything is boring. He is feeling very depressed as he keeps walking around the city.
  • Holden calls one of his friends, Sally to hang out-with him. After he woke and left his hotel, he went iceskating and had coffee with her. They get in an argument and Holden makes some rude remarks.
  • (page 144) " Did you ever get fed up? I mean did you ever get scared that everything was going lousy unless you did something? I mean do you like school, and all that stuff."
  • (page 144) " I mean it's a terrific bore."
  • Holden meets up with another one of his friends at Wicker Bar. His good friend from a previous college he had been expelled from named Luce talked with him about many things and at the end of their time together Holden starts to wonder about his mental health. He asks Luce about his father who is a physcoanalyst.
  • "He wouldn't do a god-darn thing to you. He'd simply talk to you, and you'd talk to him."
  • "Supposing I went to your father and had him psychoanalyze me and all, what would he do to me?"
  • Holden finally decides to man up and go back home. He has a talk with his sister who told Holden their mom and dad would kill him. Holden gets really depressed again and decides to take a walk to his professors house where he spends almost the whole night.