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EDS 25 Final Project
Updated: 8/26/2020
EDS 25 Final Project
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  • Mexicans are rapist....
  • The Land of Many Stereotypes
  • All muslims are terrorist...
  • China virus....
  • Why are Mexicans so dirty and Asians so smart?
  • Two friends are having lunch when they overhear something
  • Sir, why are you being stereotypical?
  • Startled, the friends approached the man
  • Why are you making assumptions?
  • I don't understand.. what did I say wrong? What is a stereotype?
  • Stereotypes are widely held but fixed assumptions about a person or a group of people.
  • Stereotypes are not true and often harmful when talking about others.
  • I am so sorry... I always thought these assumptions were true
  • Stereotypes are also a form of microaggressions which are verbal or non-verbal assaults directed to people of color in unconscious forms.
  • Generalizing is very dangerous. Even if you feel your words don't hurt, people could be offended.
  • I was not trying to be rude, I just grew up with these things taught to me.
  • It's okay. As we educate others and spread awareness about the harms of stereotypes, the less we offend those who are attacked.
  • We all make mistakes. It takes a lot to change but it is beneficial that we do in order not to hurt others.
  • Thank you both so much for educating me. I need to think about others and I realize that stereotypes are not true and very harmful.
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