Confucius- History Project
Updated: 12/18/2019
Confucius- History Project
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  • Confucius Early Life
  • I believe that everyone should have peace and less conflict.
  • Start of his teachings
  • "The world is there to support life."
  • Thank you for teaching me.
  • Beginning of his Career
  • Listen to the three main teachings.
  • Confucius was born in September 28, 551 BC in Lu, China. He believed that all people should have peace and avoid conflict. His beliefs led him to becoming a big influence on China.
  • His Teaching
  • We want peace! Everyone wants peace!
  • We will live in peace by following my way to live.
  • Confucius began teaching his way of life to students at his house. He turned his house into a school to spread his beliefs. Only few students would come.
  • His Teachings
  • Ren and Li are important to me. After I die, our society will grow if everyone agrees on follow Confucianism.
  • His fame grew and he started to work for the government as a philosopher. His thoughts expressed the philosophy created by him, Confucianism. More and more people wanted to listen to him and become a students of his.
  • After death
  • We will continue your passion of the way you live.
  • Confucius had three main teachings. They were good conduct, practical wisdom, and proper social relationships.
  • He also created Li and Ren. Li was that each person should be righteous. Ren was that people should be unselfish.
  • Confucianism became the official state religion of China from the 2nd century BC. He died by natural causes.
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