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The most dangerous game
Updated: 9/25/2020
The most dangerous game
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  • Scene #1
  • Scene #2
  • Scene #3
  • Why are the Russians shooting!
  • I guess we will have to find out and hunt it. 
  • In this scene, Whitney is telling Rainsford, which writes about hunting about a very bad island that there close to. Later when everyone is in bed, Rainsford hears gun shot not to far off in the distance trying to see where they came from. He falls off the boat and try's to call them back but no one is awake so no one hears him yelling.
  • Scene #4
  • Should I kill General Zaroff? Or should I kill the guards?
  • In this scene, Rainsford is swimming to an island where the gun shots came from. When he reaches the island is all rocky and has cliffs around the island. He spots an area where a decently large animal was drug into the jungle he was near. He finds a huge mansion where he meets a huge guard which is Russian, and his master which is a hunter who'm is Russian to.
  • Scene #5
  • This scene is when the Russian hunter his name is Zaroff well General Zaroff. He offers Rainsford in and to dinner. After dinner, General Zaroff tells Rainsford he hunts other people and Rainsford disagrees with the matter. Zaroff asks Rainsford to hunt with him but he refuses. So General Zaroff hunts him.
  • Scene #6
  • In this scene Rainsford sets up a trap to possibly kill General Zaroff, but instead Rainsford doesn't realize that the guard is with General Zaroff and he has a pack of dogs tracking Rainsford. So he trap hits the guards and kills him. General Zaroff heads back home and try's to figure out a way to cache Rainsford.
  • This scene General Zaroff chases Rainsford into the open by the ocean, but there are cliffs so Rainsford takes a chance a dives down into the ocean. General Zaroff doesn't know is Rainsford swan to his home because it was faster. General Zaroff heads home again and is upset that he lost Rainsford.
  • I don't want to see you anymore
  • Rainsford is in General Zaroff's home and when General Zaroff realizes it he is surprised, but he challenges Rainsford to a fight who ever whens gets to stay here and own this house and whoever losses gets feed to the dogs. Rainsford decides the bed is very comfy. Rainsford beat Zaroff because Rainsford own General Zaroff's house. 
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