Contents of a Dead Mans Pocket
Updated: 11/5/2018
Contents of a Dead Mans Pocket
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  • It's just I hate you to miss this movie; you wanted to see it too
  • Yeah, I know just got to get this done though
  • You work too much, though, Tom and too hard
  • You won't mind though, will you, when the money comes rolling in
  • Just as Tom walked back in to the room his very important yellow paper flew out the window...
  • Tom did not go with his wife because he wanted to complete a job he has been working on. This shows that he is ambitious and dedicated because he is trying to move forward in his job to help his family.
  • My eyes are squeezed shut, I'm trembling but I need to get back inside
  • Tom wife told him that he work too much and that he should take some time off sometimes. Also in the end Tom realized that Clare his wife was right.
  • Tom left his window open next to his desk and the wind picked up the paper and blew it outside his window and it got stuck. Tom got upset and annoyed because he thought he was going to lose his paper and it would be stuck outside.
  • I saw the yellow paper, the pencil flying, scooped off the desk and the paper went sailing off into the night
  • Tom then decides to go out to retrieve the paper. As Tom bends down to retrieve the paper, the danger of his situation becomes clear as he views the street 11 stories below him. He then becomes very scared.
  • Tom was happy and relieved to get back in house because he was scaling an 11 story building to get this paper that he valued a lot.
  • Tom got back into his apartment and felt so relieved and happy to be safe...
  • In the end he was unbothered that the sheet flew out the window again with all his hard work because he realized that life is short and he should enjoy the little things.
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