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Updated: 5/20/2020
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  • "Aren't you two the Murray kids? This isn't your property, is it?"
  • "Okay. Now tell us what you're doing here."
  • "What is this? The third degree Aren't you supposed to be a moron?"
  • "That's right"
  • "Listen did anybody ask you to come here this afternoon?'
  • What do you mean, asked?
  • Meg, Charles Wallace, and Fortinbras meet Calvin for the first time. They find him in the pine woods behind their house on the way to the haunted house.
  • "You're holding out on me."
  • "So 're you"
  • Calvin is wondering why everyone thinks he is a moron. He looks and seems normal to him. Meg get very angry when Calvin calls Charles Wallace a moron.
  • "Okay, old sport. I'll tell you this much. Sometimes I get a feeling about things. But I obey it."
  • The boys do not trust each other. They are starting to question each others intentions.
  • "I can't explain where it come from or how I get it, and it doesn't happen very often."
  • "Okay, I believe you. Maybe you'd better come home with us and have dinner."
  • Both boys do not want to reveal too much about themselves before the other one does. The boys are both very smart and see that there is more to the story than they are revealing.
  • Calvin explains why he has come to the forest. Meg sits down and pets Fortinbras. While Charles Wallace listens and tires to figure out Calvin. Charles Wallace wants to trust Calvin.
  • Charles Wallace thinks that Calvin has been drawn to the haunted house just like he is. They take him to meet the Mrs. Whatsit to know for sure, but he already thinks he is unique.
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