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Updated: 5/12/2020
Place Matters Storyboard

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  • Only 45.5% of people in Ward 8 attended college.
  • In Ward 3?94.1%.
  • Median Household income in Ward 8 is $34,824.
  • In Ward 3, it is $136, 832.
  • The unemployment rate in Ward 8 is 18.5%
  • It is 2.8% in ward 3
  • Child povertyin Ward 8 is 48.5%
  • In Ward 3 it is 2.9%
  • In Ward 8, the life expectancy is 72 years.
  • In Ward 3 it is 87.6 years.
  • We need to break this cycle through education, what I think is the root of the problem. I think instead of public schools getting funding from the property taxes in their area, the government should take all of the property taxes and divide them evenly or give more funds to schools in lower income neighborhoods so that more kids have an opportunity to go to college and become successful adults.