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Life Of Pi Project
Updated: 10/17/2020
Life Of Pi Project
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  • Piscine and Richard Parker are very similar in some ways, but at the same time, they're very different. Piscine and Richard Parker are very similar especially on the boat when they had to combined efforts to make it through. They were different before the ship was sunk. They didn't have anything similar, with completely different lives. Piscine was a human and was worshiping 3 different religions. Richard Parker was in a cage in his father's Zoo. It's amazing how can change when tragedy strikes.
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  • In this book, the climax, resolution, and the ending are all very important. I think the climax is when the ship is sunk and Piscine is all on his own with the Zebra, Hyena, Orange Juice, and Richard Parker. The resolution is when Piscine is in Mexico healing up from his dangerous sea accident. Not to mention Richard Parker has run into the Jungle by the time they reach the Mexican shore. The ending is Piscine telling the Japanese officials about his dangerous 227 days at sea and all the horrible things that happened.
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  • I believe this is the most important setting because it changes Piscine in many ways. First off, it made him even more religious than he already was before the sunk ship. It also made him more courageous and he gained confidence as he went on even if it wasn't very much. This made Piscine feel like he could live through the horrible events. Lastly, he learned how to take care of himself and he also took care of a Tiger simultaneously. This is also after he was pretty much handed everything as a kid because they had good lives before the boat sinking
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  • The difference between this character at the beginning and end of this story is truly amazing. As a kid before his family wanted to move to Canada he was a smart religious kid, but by the end, he had learned so much. Believe it or not Piscine became even more religious on the boat with Richard Parker. This smart and very religious kid was able to make his own difficult decisions. This changes him to learn how to get up and keep fighting no matter what happened. He had learned that if there was even just a little bit of faith then anything was possible.
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  • Faith is what keeps people motivated and if you don't have faith then your dreams will fade away.
  • At this point in the book Piscine is past the carnivorous island and past the blind man who is a cannibal. He is almost to the Mexican shore. This is important because it shows what he's been going through and what he has been feeling throughout his adventure.
  • "The lower you are, the higher your mind will want to soar."
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