Updated: 11/26/2019

Storyboard Description

greek mythology.

Storyboard Text

  • hello im dionysus and today i will tell you about how wine was spread among egypt.
  • many years ago, Jesus had a secret laboratory for wine and alcohol purposes. he felt as if the people of Egypt needed more fun !
  • here is where he had his secret lab. as his closest friend i knew where it was. one day it exploded!
  • then, alcohol, wine, etc exploded ALL over the land of Egypt! People consumed the alcohol, fascinated by its taste.
  • People then collected the random substance and renamed it.
  • winnie
  • i then opened a shop selling wine with my new friend, composed of wine, winnie.
  • more shops with wine and alcohol spread then soon enough began abusing the use of alcohol.
  • people began to get sick and even die from drinking too much.
  • now, in today's society, alcohol has spread world wide!