Unknown Story

Updated: 8/28/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Beggining
  • I wish that I could be rich. Then everyone would be jealous of me.
  • I wish that whatever I touch turns to gold.
  • Event #1 (Rising Action)
  • Your wish is my command.
  • Event #2 (Rising Action)
  • Pretend the bush is golden
  • What if I touch this bush?
  • King Midas wanted to be the most richest person in the world. He wanted everyone to be jealous of him.
  • Climax
  • His daughter hugs him and she turns to gold
  • King Midas went to Dionysus and asked for a wish. He wished that everything he touched would turn to gold.
  • Event #3 (Falling Action)
  • Can you please reverse this curse. Please please please. I touched my daughter and now shes golden.
  • He went home to his beautiful garden and wanted to try out his powers. He touched his beautiful garden bush and it turned to gold. He was amazed, so we went and touched all of them. He looked at his garden and he didn't see all of the beautiful colors, he didn't smell any of the flowers.
  • Resolution
  • did it work?
  • King Midas went inside and his daughter came out and gave him a hug goodbye. He scream no but it was too late. He watched his daughter turn to gold.
  • He went back to Dionysus and begged him to reverse his wish. Dionysus told him that if he went to River Pactolus and got in the water that it would wash the wish away.
  • Go to River Pactolus and wash in there
  • King Midas went to the river as Dionysus said to. He got in and started swimming around. He got out and saw that the water was shining gold. There were millions of golden nuggets at the bottom of the lake.