Decision Making- By: Iliana Perez
Updated: 3/9/2020
Decision Making- By: Iliana Perez
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The situation that I selected is that you are having a sleep over at your friend's house. You are all really close friends and have known each other for a long time. Your friends' parents trust you and let you and your friend have a sleepover while they are on a trip away from home. You and your friend are having a good time eating pizza in the kitchen. Suddenly your friend turns around and opens a cabinet filled with liquor. They ask you if you wanna have a good time and have some with them. Your friend also says that all the bottles are open and their parents will never find out if you take some.

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  • Can You believe what Jane said to Mr. Henry!
  • No!!! I still can't believe she said that in of the whole class!
  • Hey do you wanna have a drink??? My parents are gone for the weekend and they won't notice if anything goes missing.
  • Hmmm... Should I accept her offer and have a drink or should I say no and turn her down.
  • She could be right letting and drinking for one night can't be that bad. This could allow me to relax and have a really good time. But, if I get drunk when I wake tomorrow I will have a killer hangover.
  • I don't think I'm really up to this today.
  • Come on!!! It's really no big deal everybody our age does it. You need to let go and have a little fun
  • Hmm.. She's right I could only have one drink and it would be not a big deal. I would make her happy, but if my parents find out I could be in major trouble. Or I could also just say no to the drink and yeah she might get mad at me, but I'd be making sure I stay safe and follow the rules.
  • Just try it!!! You only have to try one drink!
  • I'm not going to listen to her peer pressure, but my inner values of honesty and following the rules. These influences tell me not to drink because it is not dealing with an addictive substance at a young age is not healthy, and if I were to have one drink it would stay in my system for an hour. Also since the legal drinking age is 21 I could get in trouble for drinking or get a $500 fine
  • So what are you gonna decide???
  • You know what, no I do not want a drink I'm good.
  • You know what at the end of the day I am glad that I made this good decision. It made sure I was healthy and made sure I did not have early exposure to an addictive substance. This decision was also good because it made sure that I stayed out of trouble. Also my friend accepted my decision and was not mad at me, allowing me to maintain my values.
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