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Trojan war project
Updated: 1/31/2020
Trojan war project
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Storyboard Text

  • Where's Helen and all my stuff???
  • Hey! don't think this is over Paris!
  • thanks for saving me !
  • You can no longer fight go home!
  • Helen is kidnapped by Paris taking her away from Menelaus along with his belongings.An army was put together to go and rescue her.
  • You've left me no choice!
  • Paris and Menelaus fight, Menelaus nearly wins when he goes to stab Paris but aphrodite swoops in and saves him.
  • You should have stayed out of the war!
  • Achillies is dishoundred by Agamemnon and is with from the battle.
  • Just tell them we left!
  • Don't bring it in here!
  • Lets hope they don't kill me.
  • this has to be some type of joke
  • Achillies kills hector for killing his friend Patroclus. He finally joins the war.
  • Achilles gets hit in the heel by an arrow that Paris shot and apollo guided. immediately killing him.
  • Odysseus comes up with an idea to sneak into troy, coming up with the trojan horse. They hide their ships and other belongings fooling the Trojans into thinking that they have left.They bring it inside allowing the greeks to attack,
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