World History
Updated: 1/24/2020
World History
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  • I'm George and I'm from Mexico.
  • I'm Martin and I'm from France. What are your names and where are you two from?
  • My name's Joshua and I come from Haiti.
  • I can definitely say the same ... slave life wasn't great.
  • I absolutely hated how Mexico's social classes were set up. It was awful.
  • I'm with you two. It was as if our rulers didn't care about us.
  • The war we had finally brought us Native American's the freedom we deserved.
  • Mexico had a War of Independence?
  • That sounds great! Freedom is something I also had to work for.
  • Yes, we did. Hidalgo urged us to take back our land, so we did. Unfortunately, he died, but Morelos helped us a lot. Iturbide even switched sides to help us take over the rebel forces!
  • That sounds crazy!
  • Well, I was a slave. Life was very tough for me and thousands of others. L'Ouverture led a slave revolt and we gained independence from France! Although he brought back slavery, I was able to escape before that. Thank God!
  • Hey Joshua, what have you gone through?
  • Wow! That must've been dangerous.
  • You two won't believe what I've had to deal with. Robespierre came in and started killing thousands by guillotine. Taxes were high and we didn't even have enough money for bread! I'm glad Napoleon brought an end to our suffering.
  • Life at the bottom of our country's social class was tough!
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