the Cay
Updated: 11/16/2020
the Cay

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  • Exposition
  • You both will be going to Virginia
  • Conflict
  • "dis por bwoy
  • Rising action
  • "Due to the war and the danger, you are in you two will be going to Virginia," My father said. "okay that okay aren't you coming," phillph said. Philip looked at his father's upset face and Phillip already knew the answer. Philip ran into his room and automatically started crying
  • climax
  • After he cried he packed his bags and changed into Pj's and when to sleep. The next day "today is the day " phillph thought he got his bags and when downstairs to his mom and they left to get on the boat little did him and his parents know this may be the at time they saw each other aging in a while
  • BOOM!!! Phillip wakes up to his mother sursurprisingly Calm saying "wake up we need to ourlife jacket on," after that all i remember is hitting my head on something and then backing out. And then i woke up on a raft whit a bad headache and a cat and i look around and i saw a black man (who i would learn his name was timothy).We stayed there for over 2 days( went blind and almost got ate by sharks) .
  • and we found a island a stayed there for over 7 months and during those 7 months Phillip learned how to fish but all things come to a end... in a while Timothy had told me about a storm that was coming thorough,So after that we move all of a stuff up to the highest point of the cay and the storm hit and it was bad..
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