Updated: 10/16/2020

Storyboard Text

  • This ghost "Gloria" just heard about a creature called "human."
  • "I have to tell Buck about this!"
  • Gloria takes Buck to the cave that leads to these creatures.
  • "This is so scary! I hope they arn't mean"
  • "Im telling you its just past this tunnel!"
  • They enter this strange place, while they wait Gloria explains what a human is.
  • "Humans are big mean monsters! They can hide super well!"
  • Gloria has a plan to prove to Buck about these creatures, this would change ghost history!
  • "They have to be here then!"
  • "I found this thick book that tells these humans to come to a cross building in the morning."
  • The humans are scared of ghosts, they chase them out of the city.
  • -5 min later-
  • The two ghosts go back to their lace to forget everything that happened.
  • "Lets forget that we were chased out"