Updated: 2/5/2021

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  • let me goo sir
  • NO let me goo!!!
  • Both of you be quit!
  • I hate South Korea! They should be lucky there's a wall!
  • I hate North Korea! Plus the leader smells like a trash can.
  • I know South Korea was not strong!!!
  • After WWII Korea was free from the Japanese control.
  • We need to settle this!
  • Lets goo!
  • They were separated into North Korea and South Korea in 1948
  • North Korea attacked South Korea in June 25 in 1950 and North Korea captured South Korea capital city Seoul.
  • Im sick of this!
  • Other countries such as China and America needed to help South Korea because if they fell so do other countries also. So, there was an appeal made from the security council named the UN.
  • So later when the UN came to save South Korea. They regained their capital and later they captured North Korea capital.
  • Later North Korea attacked and got their land back and South korea went and get their back and trying to get theirs. this happened until 1953 when a new president agreed to the treaty and ended the war.