Ancient Rome
Updated: 2/7/2021
Ancient Rome

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  • Hello! My name is Adrian, and I live in Ancient Rome. Today, I'll be giving you a tour of what life was like all the way back then.
  • 2 brothers named Romulus and Remus fought over where to build up their city, but they just couldn't agree. Eventually, Romulus won and he founded the city of Rome in 573 BC.
  • For almost 100 years after 616 BC, Rome was conquered and controlled by a people from Northern Italy called the Etruscans. But then, the Romans revolted, claimed back their city, and turned it into a republic where elected officials governed the state.
  • For a long time, Rome had no rival anywhere and everything was good. However, eventually, everything started to go downhill. There was social unrest, revolutions, a conflict they called the Social War, and even a civil war.
  • Then Rome was introduced to dictatorship which is a political leader who possesses power over everything. While Rome was growing their empire and conquering more and more city-states, their politics started to become very competitive and unkind.
  • Then there was the Pax Romana or the Roman Peace. They got their government in control, their legal system stable, and their trade prospering.
  • In terms of family, the oldest male in the family would serve as the paterfamilias who had extensive powers over the other members of the family. Another unique thing about this culture is the normalcy of adoption. If another son was needed to either carry on the family or bring honor to the family, they would adopt.
  • The rich tended to have multiple villas or houses with running water and baths, and valued education. The poor on the other hand, lived in cramped apartment buildings that were prone to catch on fire. However, both the poor and rich were able to enjoy circus fights, animal fights, and gladiator fights.
  • Sadly, after 180 AD, the empire was confronted with many problems outside, and amongst themselves. And though there were attempts at reform, all failed.
  • So, this is the end my friends! Thank you for taking this journey with me!
  • During this period, Caesar's son, Augustus, remained at the head of the state for over 40 years creating the Augustan Age from 30 BC to 180 AD. He improved Rome in ways related to peace, safety, temples, literature, an beauty. One of his famous quotes is: "I found Rome built of bricks; I leave her clothed in marble."