Spanish American War
Updated: 1/7/2020
Spanish American War
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Spainsh and American war and fight

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  • Cubian Rebellion- Yellow Journialism
  • U.S.S. Maine
  • President McKinley Role In Peace
  • Cuba Rebelled aginst Spain who controlled them at the time. Cuba wanted the US to help them but the US said no. The cubians started to burn down the US's sugar cane plantation so the US started to help Cuba. Yellow journlism was big because the media would exanturate the storys.
  • US Demands To Spain
  • I Demand to Spain that I have all the things in my letter to you
  • The USS Maine was at Havana Harbor in Cuba when it blew up. The US blamed Spain because they were helping Cuba and Spain was mad
  • Treaty of Paris
  • Treaty Of Paris
  • President McKinley didn't want war so he made a list of demands and sent them to spain for peace.
  • Gained Territoy By The US
  • Preident McKinley made some demands to Spain. Compensation for the USS Maine, a end to the reconsentration camps, truce with Cuba, and Cubian Indpendence. They accepted all except that last one.
  • In December of 1898 The US signed the treaty of Paris which reconginzed Cuba and gave them Independence. Both the US and Spain signed the Treaty
  • After the war spain gave the US Pureto Rico, Quam, and the Philipines. In return, Spain got 20 million dollars.
  • We Give You Guam, Puerto Rico, and The Philippines for 20 million dollars.
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