Updated: 2/3/2020
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  • Buck lived a luxurious and carefree life in a mansion. He was sheltered for his entire life, unaware of the dangers that lurked ahead. This was all true, until the fire nation attacked.
  • Buck was suddenly kidnapped by a gardener who sold him to dog traders. He was beaten into submission and trained to obey.
  • Buck was shipped north to the frozen reaches of the Klondike. The artic winds snapped at him with rigid ferocity. He was in new territory, in more ways than one.
  • Buck started to learn many things. Some stuff willingly, others... not so much. It was a survival of the fittest world out here. The weak will perish. The strong will triumph.
  • Buck witnessed something traumatic. It lingers in his mind and torments his sleep. He will hate Spitz with a bitter and deathless hatred.
  • Buck is a quick learner and catches on very quickly on how to do his job in order to not get beaten.
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