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The maze runner
Updated: 9/5/2020
The maze runner
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  • The maze runner
  • he only remembers his name..
  • i don't remember anything
  • exposition
  • where am i?
  • rising action
  • hahahah
  • The maze runner is about a boy (Thomas) who wakes up without his memory. All he remembers is his name but he has no idea where he is. He finds a group of people who send a person of them every morning to try and find a way out of the maze.
  • climax
  • i'm going to find a way out of here
  • Thomas woke up in a dark room not a single thing in his mind. He kept trying to remember then something came up to his mind. He remembered his name.
  • falling action
  • HELP
  • Thomas was wondering around and there was a group of people. He wanted to ask them where is he but they started saying mean stuff.
  • resolution
  • Everyday they send some of the fittest men to try to find their way out of the maze. These people are calles the gladers and they built houses in the maze. Also, Alby is the leader of them and he doesn't allow any of them to be runners, but thomas wants to be a runner.
  • A girl then came into the elevator which was weird. She was the only girl but when she woke up from s coma, she recognized Thomas. Her name was Teresa. After Thomas saved Alby and Minho he became a runner even though its an important rule that they aren't aloud to.
  • One night, some gladers got stuck with some grievers (some creatures) which led to a fight were some gladers survived, but some didn't. Gladers tried to escape the Maze by going down the Box hole resulting in being bisected but some of them did not survive.
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