The Most Dangerous Game
Updated: 10/5/2018
The Most Dangerous Game
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  • "The Most Dangerous Game"
  • This is general Zaroff. Thought the story, "The Most Dangerous Game", Zaroff displays many character traits such being well mannered, fair,and observant.
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  • "May I pour you another glass of port, Mr. Rainsford?"
  • "Thank you, general."
  • This scene shows how Zaroff is well mannered when he asks Rainsford if he would like more wine. This also shows how Zaroff's politeness effects Rainsford because he replies back with "Thank you"
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  • "I'll cheerfully acknowledge myself defeated if I do not find you by midnight of the third day."
  • "And if I win"
  • This quote hows how Zaroff is being fair towards Rainsford by saying he will accept his defeat.
  • In the scene it shows Zaroff looking at footprints from Rainsford showing that Zaroff is observant.
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  • Here is where Zaroff sees that he trail ends and starts to look up the tree to find where Rainsford is. This is another example of how Zaroff is observant.
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  • "I congratulate you... You have won the game!"
  • "I am still a beast at bay"
  • This shows that Zaroff is being fair and congratulating Rainsford because he won,. This shows that he is fair because if he wasn't he would have killed Rainsford right there.
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