Never Let Me Go
Updated: 11/22/2019
Never Let Me Go

Storyboard Text

  • Miss Lucy says that I don't need to be a good artist. I think she's my favorite guardian.
  • My name is Kathy. These are my friends Tommy and Ruth. We live at Hailsham here and we have guardians who are our teachers. They tell us we are going to be donors someday, but we don't know what that means. Ruth, I'll play that game, it sounds like a fun way to be in our own world.
  • Let's make a secret guard to protect Miss Geraldine! I'm her favorite, you know?!
  • But what is her gallery?
  • Why do you think Madame takes our art?
  • I think it's for her gallery?
  • If no one else will talk to you, I will. The problem is that you've been told and not told. I am going to tel you what is going to happen. Your lives are set out for you. Soon you will all start to donate your vital organs. That's what each of you was created to do.
  • What is sex?
  • They're telling us about sex for after we leave Hailsham. They want us to do it properly.
  • I know you are just copying the television and the veterans.
  • So that's it, that's what's upsetting poor little Kathy. Ruth isn't paying enough attention towards her.
  • Woah! That's my possible!!