mice of men
Updated: 2/14/2020
mice of men

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  • chapter 1
  • chapter 2
  • chapter 3
  • In this chapter Lennie and George are walking on their way to the ranch. They are walking because the bus driver dropped them off far from where their destination was.
  • chapter 4
  • Lennie and George go to the bunk house and meet all the other men that work there. They get to see all the mens personality and know who to talk to and who to stay away from.
  • chapter 5
  • In chapter 3 Carlson takes candy's old dog outside to shoot him. He shoots him because he is really old and smells.
  • chapter 6
  • In chapter 4 Lennie enters crooks room and has a conversation with him. Later on Candy enters and they tell Crooks about their dream that they are gonna make come true.
  • In chapter 5 Lennie is stroking a dead puppy when Curly's wife comes in and starts talking to him. later on in the chapter Curly's wife tells Lennie to feel her hair but Lennie accidently clings on her kills her when he snaps her neck.
  • In chapter 6 Lennie and George have their lasdt moments together before Lennie is forced to shoot him in the back of the head because he doesn't want Curly coming to shoot him.