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Updated: 2/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • man vs. supernatural
  • poseidon put him through hell and make sure he gets home in a strange way
  • tell him how you were put to shame odysseus raiders of cities did this
  • man vs. nature
  • man vs. society
  • hahaha, look at the begger
  • on the land of the cyclops, odysseus struggles with supernatural. the cyclops throws a boulder at them that could put his men in danger, in this scene the antagonist is odysseus for taunting the cyclops.
  • man vs. values
  • on the land of the lotus eaters, odysseus struggles with getting his men off the lotus flower and if his men stay they will get caught in the trap so it can get you high, in this scene the antagonist would be the lotus flower because it traps you from leaving
  • man vs. feelings
  • on the land of ithaca, oddyseus see how they treated his home that he made when he left, his home was taken over by suitors he see's the suitors treat his home with no respect and he disguises to a begger to see how to defeat the suitors the antagonist would be the suitors.
  • Man vs self
  • the Argus, argus is laying on the pile of poop and was placed in front of of the gates of his kingdom, this shows that his servants have no respect for odysseus
  • the return, odysseus returns to ithaca and he reunited with his son and they end up talking about getting rid of the suitors that antagonist would be odysseus for leaving his son
  • father your back
  • in the land of the dead, odysseus meets his mom and some of the worriers, his mom tells him he needs to get back to ithaca so he can make everything back to normal, the profit shows odysseus that he has to go to the islands buy he will lose some of his men
  • the suitors are trying to take over ithaca