Perseus and medusa myth
Updated: 2/19/2021
Perseus and medusa myth

Storyboard Text

  • Perseus flys back to the city with Medusas head in a bag.
  • When he got back he stred to notice that the Kraken was already attacking.
  • oh no the kraken is destroying the city I have to act fast.
  • He got infront of the kraken and hoist Medusas head.
  • You are not destroying my city, Wacth This!!!
  • .
  • The Kraken creased and turned into stone
  • At the end everybody was greatfull with perseus because he saved them.
  • BRAVOOO!!! you saved us , THAnk you , You have made so much good deeds for the town.
  • She was felling Wrath
  • i am going to slay you.