Updated: 2/16/2021

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  • Well, I have worked years in getting this body
  • You have to invest your time here, dedicate on a diet and workout everyday.
  • Shan, what's your secret in having a great body?
  • Let's go to the internet to look for other remedies we can do
  • But I don't have the time or energy to do that. Summer is fast approaching
  • Is there any shortcut or easier way to do this?
  • Yeah it does, look at the reviews. Maybe I should try it.
  • Aljon, look what I found. It seems legit.
  • Close to summer break Aljon became body-conscious. He realized that his body is not ready for the summer. So he seeks help from Shan, his friend.
  • Aljon proceeds to do the procedure. Although after how many tries, it seems to not be working.
  • Bombarded by how difficult it is in achieving his desired body. Shan helps Aljon finds intervention to solve his dilemma.
  • Shan I'm sad it didn't work. I tried everything it says but still no changes.
  • Aljon and Shan logs into the computer in hopes for finding a solution to Aljon's problem.
  • Yeah, I realized that now. Thanks for your help Shan. Let's just enjoy our summer break that way it is.
  • the next day...
  • Aljon and Shan meet up the very next day with Aljon bearing sad news.
  • Maybe it was a false way or a cheap trick.
  • Shan teaches Aljon a life lesson. The two friends goes on with their life and just spent their summer the way it just is.
  • You see in life there are no shortcuts. If you want to achieve something you must work hard for it.