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Updated: 12/18/2017
Unknown Story
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  • Manga Carta
  • The glorious revolution
  • I proclaim you the new king and queen
  • The English Bill of rights 1689
  • We say you can't do that.
  • No Fair
  • The Manga Carta is a document that protected the people of England's rights. It was Signed by King John. He signed because well he is the king. It was important because it helped England with its laws after word.
  • Town Meetings
  • We've been doing these town meetings for so long I think we can govern ourselves
  • The glorious revolution was when English Parliament overthrew King James ll and crowned William and Mary. They were made Queen and King because Mary was his sister and William was her husband. It is important because kings And Queens started following the law.
  • Mercantalism
  • The English Bill of Rights was a document that kept royalty from doing pretty much any thing without the Parliament consent or get rid of the laws they made. It helped the American colonists write their own Bill of Rights.
  • Navigation Acts
  • Hey you can't give him that you have to give it to England!!!
  • The town meetings were when people gathered to discuss what to do in the town. The people involved were the townspeople. Because colonists started to believe they could govern themselves which led to the American Revolution
  • We should do something about it
  • Yeah he's right
  • Mercantilism was when a country attempted to increase it wealth by exporting more then they import.
  • export! Export!! EXPORT!!!
  • Import
  • The Navigation Acts were made so that the colonies could only export and import from and England and they were only allowed to send goods that England didn't make or have
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