Esperanza Rising
Updated: 4/9/2021
Esperanza Rising

Storyboard Text

  • I am sorry he died.
  • Where's papa?
  • No, I will never marry you Tio Luis.
  • Ramona you will marry me !!!
  • I am sorry. She needs to go to the hospital.
  •  Miguel and Alberto tell Esperanza, Ramona (Esperanza's mother), and Abuelita ( (Esperanza's grandmother) that Sixto Ortega (her father) is dead.
  • Oh No
  • Tio Luis tries to make Ramona marry him.
  • I am so glad that you are coming home!
  • Me too
  • Esperanza, Ramona, Hortensia (Miguel's mother), Alberto, and Miguel go to California to live with Alberto's family( Juan, Josefina, Isabelle, Lupe, and Pepe) because Tio Luis burned down their house.
  • Abuelita?
  • Yes I am here. 
  • Look Mama! Abuelita's here.
  • Ramona gets sick and needs to hospital.
  • Ramona gets out of the hospital.
  • Abuelita comes from Mexico.