The Ice Cream Mice
Updated: 3/13/2020
The Ice Cream Mice

Storyboard Description

For Drama

Storyboard Text

  • The Ice Cream Mice
  • Here is your Ice Cream
  • This isnt mine!
  • WHAT?
  • Why is there bite marks in this Ice Cream?
  • I think those are from mice!
  • The Ice Cream Mice
  • MICE?!?!
  • Nova is working at her grandpa Ron's Ice cream shop, she is searving a coustomer Ice cream then relizes its not the righ tkind so she goes to the back to get her strawberry.
  • I set up traps so now they will be gone and you dont have to worry
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  • Nova goes back to get the coustomer strawberry and relizes that therer are bite marks in the ice cream. She tells her grandpa Ron and he sudgests that it is from mice.
  • Now we can oopen the shop back up!
  • Nova spots a mouse on the floor and is freaking out. Ron goes to get traps so no more mice eat there ice cream.
  • Ron sets up the traps and they close the shop up.
  • The next day Nova doesnt see any mice, the open up the shop and it was as good as new.