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The comic about Giglamesh
Updated: 10/26/2020
The comic about Giglamesh
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Short comic epic

Storyboard Text

  • Giglamesh was sent by the sun god to rule Uruk.
  • the people are building the wall around the city
  • Enkidu was created by the sun god, he loved animals and the first time he saw a human, it was a hunter, so he made the hunter leave, so the hunter ran and told Gilgamesh about him
  • "Gilgamesh was part god and part man", "He had everything except friends", "He was always alone. Because of this, he grew bitter and cruel."
  • Shamhat was sent to lure Enkidu into the city to fight Gilgamesh.
  • "So it was that Gilgamesh ordered a great wall to be built around the city" and " But as the wall got higher and higher, the people grew restless."
  • Shamhat brings Enkidu to Gilgamesh and they fight
  • "The sun god heard their prayers and ordered the creation of another man as strong as Gilgamesh." and "The first man Enkidu saw he did not like."
  • Although Enkidu won, they embrace each other, Gilgamesh finally found a friend.
  • No one had ever looked at her with so much tenderness. In the days that followed, Shamhat taught him to speak and to sing and she fell in love with him.
  • 1. "he would fight to the death for her" and "The saddest moment for Enkidu was leaving his animal friends. 2. "It happened so quickly the people watching could not believe their eyes. To their amazement, Enkidu reached over the wall, grabbed Gilgamesh by the arm and raised him to safety. Why? Enkidu had won."
  • "Gilgamesh took a step toward Enkidu, stopped, opened his arms, and embraced him. The king finally understood what it was to be human. He was no longer alone. He found a friend."
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