Sabi ko na barbie
Updated: 2/16/2020
Sabi ko na barbie

Storyboard Text

  • One evening, Jess saw the comments of his brother teasing one of his classmate over the social media. He confronted him inside their room.
  • TJ, what are your comments all about?
  • I just teach them a lesson not to insult my friend.
  • Are you aware that what you have done is a kind of bullying?
  • Bullying? What are you talking about? I just protected my friend.
  • Teasing others over social media is not the right place to correct and protect anyone.
  • But they are the one who started it and I just strikes them back!
  • I know that you only want to protect your friend, but should use properly the world of social media. Hoped you understand.
  • Sorry. Maybe I was get away by my reactions easily.
  • I know that you are a good person, TJ. Fix it by tomorrow and tell me what will happen.
  • I will, brother. Thank you for your words!