The Lotus Eaters
Updated: 5/8/2020
The Lotus Eaters

Storyboard Text

  • Men, go find out who lives on this island!
  • Sir! Of what race are you and your people? And how do you live on this island?
  • This information does not matter to you, take part in eating the Lotus plant, I insist.
  • We do not want to leave. We would rather remain here and eat the Lotus plant than return home.
  • I will not let you stay! This is an evil place.
  • Men, why did you not return to the ship? What did you find out about the people here?
  • I cannot let you boys stay here! Your being blinded by the plant!
  • All hands aboard;come, clear the beach and no one tastethe Lotus, or you lose your hope of home!