Updated: 12/16/2020

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  •  What did I do? You ask. Well first thing I did was get a mask, I've seen enough superhero movies, shows, and comics, to know that no one can know my identity. Then I well.. used my power, I can't really explain how I did it with little to no experience. It just felt natural to me, if that makes sense. (That's right people I can use my lightning to fly)
  • There were about 5 robbers, all armed. At first I was afraid but when I saw all those hopeless people I knew I had to help them.
  • So I took a deep breath...
  •  And...
  •  Long story, short. I won. And I was the talk of the town! Everyone wanted to know who was this mysterious person that saved all the hostages, and took down 5 of the most wanted people of our town was. That's right! That robbery wasn't their first one and they weren't planning on it to be their last, but alas I got in the way of there plans. I actually still can't believe I beat the towns worst villain's! Everyone has there guesses about who it is, but only I know the truth. And well Diana knows too, when she heard about this hero who can control lighting she kind of put two and two together. And well now you know too! But lets keep this Info between the two of us (well.. three Diana still knows!) I recommend you burn this when you're done reading. ( Its just so my identity doesn't get reveled). Thanks again!