The Broken Blade by Nora Akpan 6th hour
Updated: 2/28/2020
The Broken Blade by Nora Akpan 6th hour

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre's Dad gets injured and is not able to support the family be being a voyageur for the North West Company, so Pierre being courageous signs up to become a voyageur and leaving his family behind so that he can support the family.
  • Pierre is not having a good time with his muscles aching and his hands puffy and covered with blisters he is wishing that he never left home.His brigade he gets along with especially with La Londe and Emile the encourage to keep on going and gives him advice.
  • The ride was wild. The rapids seem really really dangerous from Pierre point of view because use in the text it said that " when the bow finally plunged down, the stern lurched skyward nearly catapulting Pierre out of his seat. It was like a rollacoster a deathly one.
  • The waves where ferocious. It said in the text that Quartering into the waves was becoming more dangerous, and turning around and running with the wind to the eastern shore would be suicide.It even said that the had to use all there strength just to stay stay dead in the water. that kind of wind would probably blew me backward.
  • Pierre seems to be having a great time and enjoying him self a lot. He has eaten Dog and meet a knew friend name Kennewah who is the daughter of the chief. It says in the text that She giggled in a gentle way that made Pierre chuckle at himself.
  • I think Pierre should go back to being a a voyager because he getting stronger, Learning to take risk, meeting new people making new friends, learning new stories, trying new foods. His Father was right when he said that he change.