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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/17/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Sir, You have to go and entertain the town's children. Go now or else you are out of a job.
  • Yes, your Majesty. I will go and perform for the town's people. Today I know I won't messs up and you will be proud of me.
  • Clovis was the first Frankish king to accept Christianity. After fighting in war, Clovis decided to convert to Christianity. He won the battle and decided to make a change in his life. Clovis was dedicated to Christianity and wanted his people to convert.
  • The Hammer was one of the most important people in the Kingdom. He had the most power over the town and kingdom. The Hammer is telling the gesture to go and entertain the town's children. Usually the gesture messes up during his performance, but this was his last chance to get it right. Even though the gesture thinks he isn't going to mess up, The Hammer thinks he will. 
  • Pepin is Charles Martel's son. Pepin was very protective over the church. He would guard it all the time. He would help establish its power in Western Europe. He made sure that nothing ever happened to the church. Pepin is protecting the church and making sure nothing happens to it.
  • I decided that I will be makin the kingdom belonging to all 3 of you.
  • Charlemagne spread Christianity at the tip of his sword. He didn't literally spread it with his sword, but he spread it by fighting. He wanted the whole kingdom to be following the christian religion. He converted many people into believing the same things he did.
  • Roland is at the caboose of the army. He is waiting for people to attack. Roland is going to protect the army from the people. He is waiting for a chance to protect the community and risk his life for them.
  • Luis decided to make it fair and he gave the kingdom to all 3 of his sons. He gave them separate parts of the kingdom to each one of his sons. They each took charge of one of the parts and made it what it is today.
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