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City of Ember
Updated: 9/17/2020
City of Ember
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Storyboard Description

In the City of Ember, they are permitted to stay in the city for 200 years. They are provided a box for when the time is up and the mayor Is meant to keep the box safe with them. But the box went missing from one mayor dying. And now no one knows how long it has been or if they will ever get out.

Storyboard Text

  • The Day they are getting their jobs
  • The box with the instructions from 200 years ago was found but Poppy (Lina's little sister) ripped the paper.
  • Getting help from Doon to find out the scrambled words in the instructions
  • No tv is men't to be here
  • They thought the instructions men't to go here but the door was locked
  • They had found out what the the instructions men't. They found the rock with an E which means they are close!
  • E
  • That's the rock with the E we are close to getting out of here!
  • They had made it out of Ember and found out that there City was underground. There was a hole and they wanted everyone else to escape so they found an note they had but forgot about and threw it down hoping someone will get it...
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