Updated: 1/28/2021

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px and therapists

Storyboard Text

  • Good afternoon to you both
  • Good afternoon mrs. Madrigal, my name is Alexis Badal
  • Hi, my name is Teresa Cordova, and we will be your physiotherapists
  • Sit over here
  • What is the reason for your inquiry?
  • I have come because since yesterday I have been whit discomfort in the spine and today the pain is stronger
  • Ok, have you been lifting heavy objects?
  • Oh, now I see
  • Yes, last month I had a fall from the stairs and from that moment the pain started. I had been coming to therapies but i did not see improvement
  • Or doing hard work?
  • We will use a different treatment
  • We will carry out a treatment of techniques in the lumbar area
  • Enero 2021
  • All right, now i feel a little relief in my spine, Ihave been waiting for this moment of recovery
  • See you later ypur nextt therapy will be in 4 days
  • See you at the next therapy, take care