daily life of the roman empire
Updated: 2/9/2021
daily life of the roman empire

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  • daily life in the roman empire
  • oh it can be great, if you have money.
  • life here is so great!
  • not for all of us! whats so good about your life .
  • Housing in Rome
  • we have small cramped houses
  • our houses are so spacious
  • food in Rome
  • we have kitchens in our houses to cook our own food
  • we have to use small grills or go to thermopolia, a kitchen would be nice.
  • education in Rome
  • we were taught by a tutor and had a proper education.
  • i was sent out to work when i was young.
  • farming in Rome
  • we can own farms and have our slaves work on it, we don't even need to go to our farm.
  • we need to be at our farm all the time and it's very hard work with little income