tell tale heart
Updated: 12/17/2020
tell tale heart

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • I have a plan to kill the old man i must wait for the right time !
  • Conflict
  • The old man's eye is getting on my last nerves,I must get rid of it sooner or later!
  • A madman lives with an old man in an old house.
  • Climax
  • The Madman has a plan but is waiting and waiting
  • Falling Action
  • Sir where's the old man?
  • The Madman realizes that the Old Man's eye is making him very bothered.
  • Resoltuion
  • Oh my gosh they know i killed him
  • The Madman is finally going to go through his plan and kills the old man
  • The neighbors heard a scream and called the police.
  • I heard a scream,call 911
  • The Madman's consciousness got the best of him and confessed that he killed the old man.
  • Ok i confess I killed him
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