LoTF Chapter 7
Updated: 3/3/2021
LoTF Chapter 7

Storyboard Text

  • When will we be rescued :(
  • Don't be worried, we will be rescued :D
  • This poop is fresh! Lets go hunt the animal that left this!
  • Yes!!! I just hit the boar!
  • Darn he got away! Lets pretend to hunt Robert instead!
  • Simon reassures Ralph that they will be rescued soon and not to worry.
  • The boys find pig droppings and decide to go hunting for the animal that left it.
  • Must tell others
  • The boys go hunting for the pig but it gets away. They decide to hunt one of the boys instead.
  • OKAY!
  • Guys I have seen the beast! We have to go tell the others about it
  • They almost kill Robert
  • Woa Woa Woa!!! Lets do this on a real pig next time :/
  • Jack sees dead pilot thinking it is the beastie.
  • Jack tell Simon and Roger that he saw the beastie and that they must tell the other boys.