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Updated: 9/28/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Good morning
  • Good student, we are going to start the virtual classes and that is why I want you to join this link that I am going to put in the chat the page is called socrative and the password is TEACHER GABY2021
  • Good morning teacher
  • Teacher we have no questions
  • we are going to do an oral activity I am going to say the question and you have to answer the question ok.questions?
  • Well student I am going to do small groups but first I am going to explain the group activity. what they have to do is a script about recycling with the group saying each their part and when they finish the script each member of the group records their audios and then they join all the audios and upload a podcast on spotify and send the podcast linkquestions?
  • We have no questions teacher
  • Well students, our first semester is coming to an end and that is why we are going to do one last activity, the activity is that I am going to make groups and what they have to do is a storyboard with a conflict and in the end solve it. ok I'm going to assign them to the groups
  • Well guys in we weigh with the sums, I'm going to explain how to do the summative. In each class that I come I will teach a text, storyboard or video and what you have to do is give me an opinion about those that I put in the class every day that I am with you I will give a point for the participation and sometimes I will give 2 and they have to add until they reach 10 points
  • Guys, we are in the quarterly exams and I am going to explain to you how to take my exam. they have to do a storyboard about the whole semester